Breakfast Ideas To Start The Day Right

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Good nutrition provides you with more energy, improves your mood and mental health, and enhances your cognitive and physical performance. Eating healthily allows you to have more energy, and therefore become more active. Since your body relies on energy that is outsourced from the foods and drinks you consume, it’s especially important to start your day off right with a healthy breakfast. Here are a few breakfast ideas to start the day off right:

Veggie & Egg Breakfast Tacos

Gluten-free corn tortillas are a great breakfast alternative to doughy bread. They’re an ideal vessel for fresh garden veggies like spinach and mushrooms, sprinkled with seasoning and crowned with a soft egg.

Mascarpone & Mixed Berries On Toast

Creamy mascarpone is delightful when topped with fresh mixed berries and mint for a bright-tasting, easy, and healthy breakfast on wheat toast.

Cinnamon Strawberry Smoothie

This rosy smoothie will put a smile on your face and satisfy your stomach, thanks to honey and cinnamon-spiked strawberries and bananas, blended with nonfat vanilla Greek-style yogurt.
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Remember to keep a consistent eating schedule as much as possible so that your body knows when to expect breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your schedule varies every day, have healthy snacks on hand for times when a meal needs to wait. Nutritional supplements can also provide a needed boost throughout the day. Remember, healthy eating is key to healthy living.

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