Endless Activities That Everyone Will Love.

At Spectrum Resort Orlando, there are activities for everyone. Whether a relaxing massage in the comfort of your vacation rental home, a scavenger hunt for the kids, or a scenic bike ride with the entire family, the possibilities are limitless. When not lounging by the pool, playing a round of golf, or exploring one of the nearby theme parks, simply check out the activities calendar to see what kind of excitement you’ll find.

Woman serving a tennis ball on tennis court


During your vacation, reserve a court time and play a match or two on one of six state-of-the-art clay Hydro-Grid tennis courts.


Try your hand at pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Guests can either sign up for court time (no experience required) or attend a pickleball clinic.

Woman Playing Pickleball At Spectrum Resorts.
Fitness Goals: Kids playing footgolf with a soccer ball and oversized golf holes


Played with a soccer ball and large holes on a golf course, footgolf is a whole lot of fun for the entire family! No previous experience is required to have a great time with this unique activity.

Miniature Golf

We’re known for our three signature golf courses, but if you prefer to play golf on a “mini” scale, we encourage you to check out the new miniature golf course!

Miniature golf course at Spectrum Resort Orlando
spa slide

Spa Services

Enjoy a tranquil massage, mani-pedi, purifying facial, or other spa services in the comfort of your vacation rental home or in one of the private poolside cabanas.

Bike Rentals

There’s a lot to see in Reunion Resort and there’s no better way than on a bike. Cruise the lush manicured grounds as you enjoy active relaxation in the fresh Florida air.

spectrum resort amenities body scaled
Family of a mom, dad, and 2 kids playing soccer together.

Activities Calendar

From arts and crafts to board games and bingo, there’s always something to do at the clubhouse. Check out the activities calendar and then get in on the fun.