Footgolf Courts at Spectrum Resort Orlando

Footgolf — played with a soccer ball and large holes on a golf course — is a whole lot of fun for the entire family! No previous experience is required to have a great time with this unique activity at Spectrum Resort Orlando.

Fitness Goals: Kids playing footgolf with a soccer ball and oversized golf holes

What is Footgolf?

Simply put, footgolf is played like traditional golf, but with a soccer ball. The basic model is the same — with a tee box, a green, bunker, hazards, a scorecard, and either 9 or 18 holes of play.

The goal is to kick the ball into a large, soccer ball-sized hole with the fewest number of kicks possible. Each hole has a par ranging from 3 to 5, indicating the ideal number of kicks it will take to get the soccer ball into the hole.

What course is footgolf played on?

Footgolf can be played on the Watson Course, an award-winning signature course designed by Tom Watson, one of the game’s legendary players and golf course architects. Footgolf is a unique and exciting way to experience the undulating fairways of the Watson Course.

How is footgolf different from regular golf?

While footgolf is played on a real golf course, there are some differences between the games. With footgolf, the cups are 21 inches in diameter to accommodate the much larger ball (a #5 soccer ball). The distance to the hole is shorter than in traditional golf. And no clubs are used in footgolf — players kick the ball toward the cups.

Who can play footgolf?

The short answer is anyone who can kick a ball can play footgolf and have a great time! It’s a unique family or group activity.

Since a golf cart is included with your footgolf fee, players are not required to walk long distances.

When are tee times for footgolf?

Footgolf tee times on the Watson Course start at 3 p.m. Sundays through Wednesdays. Your rental fee of $30 per player includes the soccer ball and a golf cart.