6 Tips for Successful Holiday Shopping in Orlando

Planning a holiday getaway in Orlando, Florida provides you with the opportunity to enjoy festivities in warm weather not common with the season. This also gives you the chance to improve your shopping strategy for holiday gifts.
If you want to get the right gifts at the right price this year, you will need the right strategy. Malls come in different shapes and sizes in Orlando, and your itinerary for your trip may play a role in the money you will have for shopping.
While enjoying the local fun as a guest at Spectrum Resort Orlando, keep this guide in mind. Here are tips for successful holiday shopping in Orlando.

1. Create a Budget

The excitement of Orlando comes from its various theme parks, including Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and Disney World’s numerous options. Your budget for shopping will depend on how much you will end up spending at these amusement parks and other attractions.
Look into coupons and other ways you can save money so that you don’t have to sacrifice fun at these parks. Booking ahead for your resort can also give you several ways to keep money that can go towards gifts.

2. Options for Malls

Are you new to the Orlando area and want to know which mall has the right gifts for friends and family members? If so, you will be happy to know there are several malls just a short trip away from Spectrum.
The Mall at Millenia is the top destination if you are looking for gifts belonging to luxury brands, and The Florida Mall offers dining and entertainment options while you shop. Outlet centers are also available if you are trying to save money on items.

3. Shopping at Entertainment Districts

One alternative to shopping at traditional malls is doing so at local entertainment districts. With Promenade at Sunset Walk, visitors can choose from multiple stores for their shopping journey before attending holiday-themed events for the whole family.
Disney Springs and Universal CityWalk grant you access to a variety of merchandise based off your kids’ favorite movies and characters. Both spots offer dining and entertainment to end a day of shopping with fun.

4. Orlando Neighborhood Shops

Experiencing the best that Orlando has to offer during the holidays requires checking out the neighborhood shops. Downtown Orlando and Winter Park provide numerous local stores for your shopping schedule.
With the boutique stores, you can buy handmade, locally sourced items for a gifting experience that is unique to your retreat. Take time for photos of the holiday lighting and décor of the area to add to your holiday photo collection before returning to Spectrum.

5. Shopping at Resorts

You may not have to leave your resort to find the right gifts for the holidays. We recommend spending any free time you have at your resort to check out its stores for potential items to buy for friends or family.
This can come in handy especially if your resort has a variety of stores to choose from and can save you time on driving to stores off the property. Keep in mind if the resort’s stores offer items that can be gifts for all ages.

6. Discounted Park Tickets

Discounts can provide more benefits than just saving money on your days at theme parks. When you seek discounts at Disney and Universal’s parks, you can use the money you save on your holiday gift checklist.
Buy your theme park tickets as early as possible for a greater chance of accessing these discounts. The more discounted tickets you can get, the more gifts you will be able to get during your stay.
Shopping for holiday gifts in Orlando is easy as long as you know your sources and take advantage of special deals. Book with Spectrum today for a fun and productive winter retreat.

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