10 Small Changes to Achieve To A Healthier You

Stay Well. Stay Active. at Spectrum Resort Orlando

Getting healthy and fit doesn’t require revamping your entire lifestyle overnight– and these days, who’s got time for that anyway? Major overhauls like that aren’t actually necessary to getting your life on the healthy track. Start by focusing on small steps—little changes you can incorporate each day that will soon become a habit. Here are 10 Small Changes to Achieve a Healthier You:
1. Hydrate with H2O. The benefits of drinking water range from increasing energy and reducing dehydration to regulating appetite and improving digestion.
2. A Healthy Breakfast really is the most important meal to help keep you on track for the rest of the day.
3. Eat Regularly. Skipping meals can leave you feeling so famished that you end up overeating later in the day.
4. Take the Stairs. Choose a faraway parking spot, or walk during lunch break—anything to sneak in a few extra steps each day. Exercise in any capacity is a benefit.
5. Make small, healthy food swaps. Substitute olive oil for butter, plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, fresh fruit for candy, baked foods for fried ones, etc.
6. Commit to exercising for just 30 minutes a day. Fitness also aids emotional wellbeing.
7. Get Outside. Try to get some fresh air three times a day for at least five minutes at a time.
8. Decompress daily. Spend just a few minutes meditating, taking deep cleansing breaths, clearing your mind – because mental health is as important as physical.
9. Sit Less, stand more.
10. SLEEP. If you’re not getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, try going to bed just 10 minutes earlier each night for a week and see how you feel.

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