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5 Fun Family Activities to do at Your Spectrum Vacation Home

Family vacations are, at their heart, about creating shared memories while having fun. These are the stories that will be told — and retold — at family gatherings. Often, these moments come from trying new experiences together. At Spectrum Resort Orlando, you’ll find your favorite vacation activities, as well as plenty of new opportunities. Here is a look at a few you might consider.

Family of kids and parents arrive happily at the Spectrum Resort Orlando clubhouse.

1 Walking and Biking Trails

At Spectrum Resort Orlando, we invite you to park your car and enjoy the great outdoors! Our resort is designed for you to take in Florida’s beauty. Explore the resort together on bikes, or choose one of the scenic walking trails that go on for miles. You can even pack a simple picnic with all your family favorites by stopping at the Grab & Go Market in The Clubhouse.

Family of parents and kids splashing each other and laughing at the Spectrum Resort Orlando Clubhouse pool.

2 Water Park

Our amazing water park truly has something for everyone in your family. With spraying water cannons, a lazy river, four waterfalls, kid-pleasing twisty water slides, rope bridges, a zero entry pool and a giant water bucket that empties every few minutes, our water park doesn’t disappoint. Take a break from the action and relax in a beautiful resort pool with private cabanas and poolside service.

Kids running outside of their Spectrum Resort Orlando resort residence as their mothers watch, smiling.

3 Footgolf

If you’d rather take a kick at a soccer ball than a swing from the tee, you can play 18 holes of footgolf on the Tom Watson Course. Like golf, footgolf involves moving a ball from the tee to the hole in as few motions as possible. You do have to use a regulation size 5 soccer ball for this game, and soccer cleats are not allowed because they would damage the course. The best thing about Footgolf is that you can play without any experience, so everyone in your family can join in the fun!

Sushi with salmon and ginger on a plate with chopsticks.

4 Sushi Bar

Plan a sushi date with the kids. If they already like sushi, they are sure to enjoy a delicious snack at our nearby hangout. And if they haven’t tried it yet, the Grande Lobby Sushi Bar is the perfect place to sample a variety of made-to-order sushi rolls, including the Florida Thunder Roll and the signature Grand Reunion Roll with shrimp tempura, cucumber and toasted sesame seeds. Nigiri and sashimi selections also are available.

Family gathered together to eat in the kitchen of their Spectrum Resort Orlando resort residence.

5 Chef and Bartender Experience

Have a relaxing night in your luxury vacation home and leave the cooking to us! With the Chef Experience at Spectrum Resort Orlando, one of our world-class chefs will prepare the meal you selected in your kitchen while our trained servers handle everything from setup to cleanup. For a more interactive experience, aspiring chefs can learn to prepare a gourmet, multi-course meal with one of our experts. Bartending services can be provided as a standalone event or paired with the Chef Experience, so parents can enjoy their favorite craft cocktails and kids can sip creative mocktails.

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